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Clean face, fresh mouth, healthy paws everyday; for a happier pet and PetParent.
Special PH balanced botanical formulas. “Cruelty Free” Tested On Human First.
Moisturize, condition and replenish pet's coats, while adding lustre and shine.
Gift Packs
Prepacks provide a convenient, all-in-one solution for your pet's grooming needs.

Ultra Bright Pack

Our Ultra-Bright pack is specially colored and formulated to whiten and brighten white and light –colored pet coats. It also works wonders to restore a healthy shine and color-boost to black and multi – colored pets as well. Add our Instant Detangling Conditioner, and thick matted coats immediately become soft and manageable. And to keep your pet feeling as good as they look, use our bacteria fighting Ear and Eye Wipes to protect against infection and eliminate odors.

Price: $29.99