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Clean face, fresh mouth, healthy paws everyday; for a happier pet and PetParent.
Special PH balanced botanical formulas. “Cruelty Free” Tested On Human First.
Moisturize, condition and replenish pet's coats, while adding lustre and shine.
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Prepacks provide a convenient, all-in-one solution for your pet's grooming needs.
  • Awapoochi Conditioning Rinse with Shine Memory

    Awapoochi Conditioning Rinse with Shine Memory

    Awapoochi Conditioning Rinse with Shine Memory renews the shine and luster of your pet's coat between grooming by simply brushing.

  • Instant Detangling Spray

    Instant Detangling Spray

    Formulated expressly to quickly detangle thick or matted coats for easy brushing and coat manageability, while adding luster and shine.

  • Tea Tree Conditioning Spray

    Tea Tree Conditioning Spray

    Leave-in conditioner soothes, cools and conditions sensitive skin and hot spots with Australian Tea Tree oil.

  • Oatmeal Conditioning Spray

    Oatmeal Conditioning Spray

    Leave-in conditioner formulated to revitalize your dog's skin and coat while replenishing moisture to the skin, also adds luster and shine to any coat.

  • Oatmeal Conditioning Rinse

    Oatmeal Conditioning Rinse

    Ideally suited for use after shampooing to restore the silky, shiny, healthy feel to your dog's coat while improving manageability.

Just as having the right dog shampoo can help to keep your dog in good hygiene, having the right dog conditioning product is essential to good grooming as well. Your dog's coat needs to be moisturized just like human skin requires lotion. Dog conditioning products can improve your pet's skin and coat by infusing them with natural minerals and botanicals, using the right materials like Oatmeal, Tea Tree oil, botanicals and other natural elements. The above John Paul Pet products can help your dog look his or her best and smelling fresh and clean.