John Paul PetSalon,

Because you desERVE BETTER!


To our clients we promise:
-To offer a great experience.
-To be fair, respectful, affectionate, and attentive.
-To not only offer a great service and product, but also to pioneer in finding new ways to help strengthen our relationship.
-To be highly ethical, trustworthy, and competitive.
-To inspire the spirit of each pet and its parent one at a time!

To our people we promise:
-To offer a great environment to work in.
-To be fair and respectful to all.
-To not only offer great benefits, but also to pursue new ways to help balance work and home.
-To be there when it counts.
-To help our people grow with us!

To our community we promise:
-To play an active role in our communities.
-To be fair and respectful and to mirror our markets.
-Not to only offer great values, but to continuously find new ways to help our communities become a little better every day.
-To be there when it counts.

And we will never break our promise!

About Us

Our Approach

Our approach to your pet is with you in mind! We subscribe to the highest pet industry standards in the care and grooming of your pet...more

Our Goal

• Build a long lasting relationship with our pets and their parents...more

Our Pride

will have the care and welfare of your pet as their top priority...more

Our Mission

We promise to our clients, our community and our people...more

Our Difference

Hydraulic Lift Bathtubs and Grooming Tables, Double Containment Doors, Water Conditioning System, Air Purifiers, Rubber Floors, Cage Free Area, Low Noise Hairdryers, Waiting and Viewing Area, and more