John Paul PetSalon,

Because you desERVE BETTER!


• Build a long lasting relationship with our pets and their parents;
• Make a long lasting impression on our pets and their parents;
• Offer a unique pet experience;
• Raise the industry standards in a revolutionary approach to both pet parents and their pets;
• Gather all pet lovers under one roof;
• Raise pet care awareness to its highest level;
• Do it so elegantly, that it becomes an icon of both worlds, Human and Pet alike;
• Lead by example in an emotion-invested endeavor

Pet grooming Open Door Policy

John Paul PetSalon (JPPS) is not your everyday pet grooming Salon. We want to pioneer great practices and with that revolutionize the pet grooming industry. Our goal is to elevate the industry to the highest standards of care. Our Pet Grooming Open Door policy is to let the world know that we have nothing to hide and lot to be proud of! This should mark a new era in pet grooming. This concept was born of the concerns of many PetParents about the lack of transparency in the grooming process. At JPPS you are encouraged to tour the facility and observe your pet’s grooming experience. You can see first-hand how expertly and lovingly your dog or cat will be treated. To this end, they use only the purest and finest products. They use exclusively John Paul Pet shampoos, conditioners, wipes, etc. Our PetSalon features the fines & latest in skills and expertise as well as technology; for example, hydraulically-operated tubs and tables. We employ and train highly skilled groomers who love animals to no end. Additionally, We only sell only the highest quality pet product that we believe in like John Paul Pet products or selected pet foods, treat & toys. Our PetSalon also features Wi-Fi, refreshments and an elegant, pleasant and comfortable atmosphere for their “Pet Parents”, for as long as they wish to stay and observe the process, in the this unique open environment.
Our goal is to see that your pet receives the finest of grooming experiences, with prices commensurate with that of other grooming establishments.

John Paul PetSalon,
Because You Deserve Better!

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Our approach to your pet is with you in mind! We subscribe to the highest pet industry standards in the care and grooming of your pet...more

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• Build a long lasting relationship with our pets and their parents...more

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Hydraulic Lift Bathtubs and Grooming Tables, Double Containment Doors, Water Conditioning System, Air Purifiers, Rubber Floors, Cage Free Area, Low Noise Hairdryers, Waiting and Viewing Area, and more