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Solution Based Products

There are many reasons to make sure John Paul Pet products are in the home of everyone that takes care of their pet. Every pet owner has common grooming and hygiene issues that they encounter:

-Dry, itchy, flaky coats and skin
-Unpleasant breath
-Build-up around ears and eyes
-Shedding, loose hairs and dander

John Paul Pet products address these solutions, are safe for everyday use, and they are tested on humans first for your pets protection.

PH Balanced Shampoos

All of our shampoos are pH balanced and botanically-based with rich moisturizers that eliminate dry, itchy flaky coats. The John Paul Pet Conditioning Sprays continue to moisturize pet coats daily, adding shine while revitalizing their coats.

Biodegradable, Gentle Wipes

John Paul Pet Wipes are gentle, biodegradable products that can work wonders when it comes to promoting good hygiene and overall health in your companion pet. Having the right John Paul Pet Wipes are essential in keeping your dog clean, fresh and healthy.

-Full Body and Paw Wipes help refresh your pet's coat and moisturize their pads where build-up and odor can occur.
-Ear and Eye Wipes are designed to keep your pet's ears and eyes clean and free from odor and build up.
-Tooth and Gum Wipes are formulated especially to help promote tooth and gum hygiene in your pet.

Keep your pet CLEAN, FRESH and HEALTHY with John Paul Pet!

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There are many reasons to make sure John Paul Pet products are...more


Duke was born with a genetic skin disorder common to Weimeraner's that would create welts the size of half dollar's on his skin. At 7 months he started on anti-biotics for 14 days for almost a year. He was put on a special dry food diet by the age of one. His condition would get better for some time and then I would have to change his diet, visit the vet and change his shampoo's every few months. After a few years and thousands of dollars later, I put him on an organic chicken and vegetable diet food and began bathing him with JP Pet Tea Tree Shampoo. I'm happy to say that between the new food regimen and the fabulous Tea Tree shampoo his skin and coat look amazing and best of all no ticks or fleas!!!
Thank you,
Monica T. client